— layout: tutorial-single_layout title: Time Series Graphs in Plotly 2.0 subtitle: Create a graph that illustrates data points at consecutive time intervals. permalink: /make-a-time-series-graph/ imageurl: ../static/images/dates-time-series-and-timestamp/time-series-thimb.png state: active tags: financial order: 1.5 meta_description: A tutorial on how to make a time series graph in Plotly 2.0. popularity: featured carouselimageurl: actioncall: How to make a time series graph in Plotly 2.0 actioncall-url: https://plot.ly/alpha/workspace/?fid=plotly2_demo:45

otherlang: Know how to program? See how to create this in Python or R.

live-graph: <iframe width="900" height="800" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="https://plot.ly/~plotly2_demo/45.embed"></iframe> live-graph-image: