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Plotly API rate limits

Plotly API rate limits

Updated November 18, 2015


For free users, Plotly throttles the number of requests made to its servers. This keeps server traffic and costs maneagable while still providing a useful experience. If you exceed the number of allowed requests, you will receive a message and have to wait 1 to 24 hours to make additional requests.

The popular API libraries (Python, R, MATLAB , Arduino) use the V1 version of the Plotly API. The Plotly Web App uses the V2 version of the Plotly API.

Limits on Requests to Plotly Servers

The API limits are as follows:

API client Exceptions Per Day Per Hour API Version
Python, Arduino, R, MATLAB None 50 30 V1
Plotly Web App ( GET requests are not limited 1000 None V2


To avoid limits in requests to Plotly servers, you have the option to upgrade to a Professional Plan.

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