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Make Online Dashboards with Chart Studio and Excel

Dashboards with Chart Studio

Step 1

Connect to your Chart Studio Account

Head to the Chart Studio dashboard site: You'll have to retrieve your Chart Studio API key from

Sign in

Step 2


It will take a moment, but shortly your most recently edited graphs will appear. Hover over the graphs and click to 'add to dashboard.'

Add to dashboard

Step 3

Create and Edit Your Dashboard

Once you begin adding graphs to your dashboard, you'll be able to drag to organize them.

Organize your graphs

Step 4

Style your dashboard!

In this particular dashboard, we have six graphs; organizing them in rows of two looks the least cluttered.


Step 5

As you are editing your dashboard, click settings in the upper right. This will give you the opportunity to adjust your navigation links at the upper left of the dashboard. Relevant links can add value to the dashaboard.

Navigation links

Step 6

Publish your dashboard!

When you're done, scroll down and click 'publish dashboard.' You'll be given a URL to see your finished product.

Publish dashboard

Step 7

Embed Your Dashboard

Embed your dashboard in an iframe on your own site! Edit the following code, replacing our dashboard with the appropriate link to yours.

Embed dashboard

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