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Printing and Sharing Graphs

How to Print and Share Graphs

Printing and Sharing Graphs

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At Plotly, we love sharing. It’s easy to share or print a Plotly chart. Here’s how.

Sharing options can be found in the lower right hand corner of a plot and in the Organize tab. You can use a direct link, a code to embed the graph in your website or blog (we have an tutorial on embedding for that!), or share using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Sharing options
To share from the Organize tab, click the Share button as indicated. Share button
To share from a plot in the Workspace, click the Share button as indicated. Share from Workspace
In the Share Plot popover you can set your graph to be public or private. You can read more about what this means on our How Sharing Works page. The Collaborators page lets you share with specific email addresses and Plotly users. Collaborators page
The Sharable Link page provides you with either a private or public URL. Users you assign as collaborators can edit your graphs with you. You can do this with both public and private graphs. Sharable link

Printing: Save and print.

To print a Plotly graph, we recommend you save the graph to your computer, and then print. If you want to print someone else’s graph, you can “fork and edit” the graph into your own workspace, then save it.

In your workspace, look for the Export button in the toolbar above your graph. To save time, you can use the keyboard shortcuts “Command-P” (Mac) and “Control-P” (PC). Export button
From the Download/Export box, you can select from a.png, .pdf, .svg or .eps files. Once you’ve picked your favorite file format, click the download button. The file will be saved in your download folder. Open the file, and print. Notice the Include public link button. Select the box to include your graph’s URL on the static image. This makes it easier to find your interactive graph and data. download export box
Quick tip: Let’s say you want to print a copy of the graph we embedded at the top of this tutorial. That graph is hosted at To print that graph, you can add .png, .pdf, or .svg to the end of the URL, open the webpage and print from your browser. For example This link opens a pdf version of your graph. You can save or print right from the browser. final pdf
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