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Label Points With Text in a Scatter Plot

A Step-by-Step Guide to Labeling Points With Text in a Scatter Plot

How To Label Points With Text in a Scatter Plot

Company Losses

Step 1: Set up the grid

The graph above lets you compare relative losses with absolute losses for certain companies after the 2008 crash. The data contains market capitalization values from 2007 and 2009, in billions of dollars. We’ve already entered the loss data into Plotly. You can click the link to open the data set. Once the data loads, click Fork and edit to load the data into your Plotly workspace. Loss data loaded in your workspace for graphing

Step 2: Associating text to each data point

Once you’ve loaded the data in Plotly, select Scatter plot from the MAKE A PLOT menu. Look for the text option in the sidebar. This will enable you to select columns that associate text with corresponding data points. For each group of data that you want to plot, you’ll need to select a column of $x$-values, a column of $y$-values, and a column for the text labels. When you’re finished, click on the blue Scatter plot button in the sidebar. Making a scatter plot with text associated to each data point.

Step 3: Adding text labels to the points of a graph

Your scatter plot should look something like this: Scatter plot before adding text labels to data points
To add text labels, open the Traces popover by selecting TRACES from the toolbar. You can add labels to an individual trace by selecting that trace from the dropdown menu, or select All traces (scatter) to label all the points in your scatter plot. Here we position the labels on individual traces in order to avoid overlapping labels. We start with Col1. In the Mode tab, look for “Lines/Markers” and select the option of text over a point. Labeling points in the TRACES popover.
To position the labels, click on the Style tab in the Traces popover. In order to have the lables appear directly above the data points, click on the arrow that points up in the “…Position” option. Options for positioning the text labels.
Repeat this process for Col4 and Col7. For Col4, we position the text labels below the scatter points. For Col7, we position them above the scatter points. Position text labels below data points

Step 4: Styling Your Graph

Your graph should now look something like this: Image of default graph with point labels
To make your scatter points all have the same color, head to TRACES, then in the drop down menu select the tab called All traces (scatter). Go to the Style tab and set the marker color to your liking. Style scatter markers options
You can label your axes by clicking on the Click to enter X axis title and Click to enter Y axis title on your graph. The finished product should look something like this: Finished graph with labeled points.
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