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Make a 3D Surface Plot Online

Make a Surface Plot

Plotly’s surface plots are interactive. Click and drag to rotate, scroll to zoom, hover over the graph to see values.

Step 1 - Enter or upload your data into a plotly grid

Visit the workspace to enter data. A 3D surface plot graphs data 3D dimensional data: the height at each (x, y) point is given by that point’s (z) value. Enter your 3D surface data as a matrix into the spreadsheet.

Data of a 3D surface plot

Step 2 - Select the columns that you want to graph

Select “3d surface plots” under MAKE A PLOT.

List of all of the graph types available in Plotly with 3D surface plot selected

Select the columns that will describe your surface plot.

Selected columns of a 3D surface plot

Step 3 - Make and customize your 3D surface plot

Click “3d surface plot”. You can customize every aspect of this chart. Click through “TRACES”, “LAYOUT”, “AXES”, “NOTES”, and “LEGEND” to customize the colorscales, the size, annotations, and more.

3D surface plot colorscale options

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