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Create a Chart from a Template

How to create multiple Plotly graphs with different data from a template.

Create Charts from a Template

Plotly offers free, online tools for analyzing data and making graphs.In this tutorial, we’ll show you some tips to easily use a template chart to create similar charts with different data. Also make sure to check out our other tutorials.

To create charts from a template, we recommend creating a template account to house the templates. This is important for the copying step.

Create an Account for your Template Charts:

My Plotly username is chelsea_lyn, however, I also need a template username to create charts from a template chart so I’ve created a second account with the username: template_user.

Create the Template Chart in your Template Account:

After creating the template account, log in and create the template, i.e. the graph you want to replicate.

First, add some dummy data: Dummy Data
Then created and edit the plot to create the desired template Template plot

Create a Chart from your Template

Now log out of your template account and log in to your original account.

While logged in to your original Plotly account, navigate to your template account’s profile and open the template you wish to copy.
After opening the plot, click the ‘Copy & edit’ button.
This will open the template plot in the workspace. Save the plot, then go to your organize folder (via the My Charts button).
In your organize folder, select and open the copied data grid and plot.
Update the data grid and save. Saving the data grid will automatically update the associated plot, but you must refresh the browser to see the changes.
Make any edits to your chart and save! You can copy & edit the template chart as many times as you’d like to create multiple graphs from your template with different data sets.
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