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How to add themes to your Plotly graphs

Applying Themes to your Charts

Plotly offers free, online tools for analyzing data and making graphs.In this tutorial, we’ll show you some tips to easily apply a consistent, customized style to your charts with Plotly’s built-in themes. Also make sure to check out our other tutorials.

We will start with creating a simple chart, and then apply different themes to the same.

Creating the Chart:

Import the data from the Sample Data file: Import Data
Plot data as a histogram. Select ‘Histogram’ from the ‘ADD PLOT’ menu, and click on the blue plot button to plot the graph. Shared plot

Adding the Themes to the chart:

The themes option is available at bottom of the tool bar. You can click it and select from the variety of in-built themes available. Themes Button

The following Image demonstrate the different themes available in Plotly:

Themes Gif

Finally, After choosing the desired theme click on the ‘Save’ Button to save the Plotly Chart with the new theme. Save Button
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