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Update a Graph with New Data in Plotly 1.0

How to update your plotly graphs with new data in Plotly 1.0

Update your grids and plots

If you want see update your graph in Plotly 2.0, visit this page to see how easy it is!

Plotly offers free, online tools for analyzing data and making graphs. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to update your grids and plots with new data. Have a plot embedded in your webpage or blog? When you update your graph using the steps below, the embedded graph will automatically update as well. No need to modify your page with a new URL.

There are two different options for updating your plots. Note that in both cases you have to save your newly modified grid to update your plot, and you still have to open and close the plot to see the changes.

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Update a Plotly graph with new data

Do you need to modify your dataset? You can update an existing graph as your data changes.

1) Create your initial dataset and make a new plot, then save the plot. If you uploaded your dataset from a file, the grid will have the same name as the file that you uploaded. For example, if you uploaded an Excel file named ‘my-data.xlsx’, your grid will be named ‘my-data’. Saving the plot will automatically save a grid with the same name but with “ Grid” appended to the filename. Close the plot. New grid
2) Click on Organize, open and edit your newly saved grid, then click Save again. New grid

3) When you reopen your plot you will notice that it has been automatically updated with the new modifications.

Insert a new trace into an existing graph.

You can update data in a plot by using Insert Into. Do this only if you want to add a new trace to a graph, from either the same grid or a new one.

1) Navigate to the grid in question in the Workspace and select the drop-down next to Make a new plot. Workspace
2) Select the plot you want to update (note: only open tabs will be shown in the menu so you may have to open the graph you want to update). Insert data into plot
You can open multiple grids by selecting multiple files and clicking the Open Action above. Data from these grids can then be inserted into any open plot. Open multiple grids
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