plotly.figure_factory: helper methods for building specific complex charts

create_2d_density(x, y[, colorscale, …])

deprecated, use instead

create_annotated_heatmap(z[, x, y, …])

deprecated, use instead

create_bullet(data[, markers, measures, …])

deprecated, use instead the plotly.graph_objects trace plotly.graph_objects.Indicator.

create_candlestick(open, high, low, close[, …])

deprecated, use instead the plotly.graph_objects trace plotly.graph_objects.Candlestick

create_choropleth(fips, values[, scope, …])

deprecated, use instead with custom GeoJSON.

create_dendrogram(X[, orientation, labels, …])

Function that returns a dendrogram Plotly figure object.

create_distplot(hist_data, group_labels[, …])

Function that creates a distplot similar to seaborn.distplot; this function is deprecated, use instead functions, for example

create_facet_grid(df[, x, y, facet_row, …])

Returns figure for facet grid; this function is deprecated, since functions should be used instead, for example

create_gantt(df[, colors, index_col, …])

deprecated, use instead

create_hexbin_mapbox([data_frame, lat, lon, …])

Returns a figure aggregating scattered points into connected hexagons

create_ohlc(open, high, low, close[, dates, …])

deprecated, use instead the plotly.graph_objects trace plotly.graph_objects.Ohlc

create_quiver(x, y, u, v[, scale, …])

Returns data for a quiver plot.

create_scatterplotmatrix(df[, index, …])

Returns data for a scatterplot matrix; deprecated, use instead the plotly.graph_objects trace plotly.graph_objects.Splom.

create_streamline(x, y, u, v[, density, …])

Returns data for a streamline plot.

create_table(table_text[, colorscale, …])

Function that creates data tables.

create_ternary_contour(coordinates, values)

Ternary contour plot.

create_trisurf(x, y, z, simplices[, …])

Returns figure for a triangulated surface plot

create_violin(data[, data_header, …])

deprecated, use instead the plotly.graph_objects trace plotly.graph_objects.Violin.